Police Investigate Attack, Fatal Shooting

Ada police continue to investigate the attack that unfolded Friday in an Ada home, leaving a man dead and children and their mother injured.

Pontotoc County District Attorney Paul Smith says his office is currently looking at the fatal shooting in the violent attack that unfolded Friday in an Ada home as excusable and justifiable.

Authorities say Leland Michael Foster, 27, of Oklahoma City, forced his way into a home in the 1800 block of East 6th Street Friday. Distraught over a separation from his three-month-old twins and their mother, police say Foster attacked the children’s mother, 30-year-old Michelle Sorrells, and attempted to drown the twins in a bathtub full of cold water.

Sorrells’ 12-year-old niece, who was at the home visiting with her grandparents, fled the home during the attack and summoned help from neighbor, Cash Freeman. Freeman armed himself and entered the home, where he found Foster on top of Sorrells while holding the twins underwater. Freeman shot Foster twice, killing him almost instantly.

“I can tell you based on the preliminary briefings I’ve received, the circumstances of that shooting implicate Oklahoma’s justifiable homicide law,” Smith said Tuesday by phone. “I have to wait on the official report, but we’ll be looking at it with that in mind.”

Smith said his office is currently looking at the shooting as “excusable and justifiable.”

Of the scene that unfolded before Freeman inside the house Friday, Smith asked, “What would any one of us do?”

“Hopefully any of us faced with that God-awful dilemma would have the courage to do the right thing,” Smith said. “My heart goes out to the guy, but I’ve got to wait on all the details.”

Freeman declined to comment Tuesday, citing the ongoing investigation into the incident.

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