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OKLAHOMA CITY – Brian Landreth’s Chickasaw blood stirs him spiritually. His Native art is consuming more of his time. The commercial projects he devotes himself to at his day job as a graphic artist satisfy an artistic itch but not his artistic soul.

In a photo taken during the Armed Forces Day Parade and published on Tuesday’s front page, The Ada News incorrectly identified James Kercheval as the commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 72. Kercheval is the commander of the Howard Maxey American Legion Post 72, not the VFW. …

Byng Junior High School business students recently competed in the 2018 Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference May 9-13 in Dallas. The students earned the trip based on their success during the State BPA Leadership Conference, held in March in Tulsa.

Our nation’s veterans, who serve during times of war and peace, have sacrificed a great deal to keep our nation safe and protect our freedoms. It is our duty in Congress to ensure that veterans receive the care they have earned for their service to our country. Although the Department of Vet…

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  • By Wren Stratton

What makes a good patient? Traditionally we have taken that to mean that person who does exactly as they are told, gets better as directed and rarely calls the health care provider (HCP) with questions. Along with everything else in health care, what makes a good patient is changing.

  • By Joy Hampton | CNHI Oklahoma

NORMAN — Starting with the simplest of cameras — his cellphone — Mark Burgess has become known as “the sunset guy” because of the photos he posts on his Facebook page, “Sunsets By Mark Burgess.”

  • By Rachael Van Horn | CNHI News Oklahoma

The sun peeked out through clouds and caused shadows to play hopscotch on grave markers well over 100 years old in the old Speeremore Cemetery south and west of Laverne near the Harper-Beaver County line. 

  • By Sean Rowley | CNHI News Oklahoma

OKLAHOMANS NOW have further legal protections if they use deadly force while defending a house of worship from an attacker.

  • By Ryan Miller | CNHI News Oklahoma

Gubernatorial candidate and current Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb spoke about his vision for Oklahoma during a visit to his hometown Monday.

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