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September 6, 2013

Despite loaded roster McCarty still worries


Ada —

McCarty is a hard coach to pin down. Sometimes he does things nobody else seems to understand.

At other times, he can state the obvious.

"Winning is hard to do. It takes 60 minutes," he says.

He obviously wasn't thinking about overtime, but he will soon enough.

He talks about all the things an offensive lineman has to do just to get ready for some zone blocking.

You know like taking that first step the right way, which is important — almost as important as the second step. He's got to remember the snap count, study the defensive man slobbering on the other side of him, stay on his feet and move his man in a positive direction.

That's one player on one play of one game in one long season.

Then come the next thousand details and another sleepless night.

Detail, he tells you, lead to execution, and execution is the name of the game.

It's also the coaching profession's most oft-used printable word.

Other McCarty-isms guaranteed to bring on insomnia:

"This play worked, but it might not work the next time even though it's executed the same way.

How much will he throw? 

"Depends," says McCarty.

How much will the Tigers run? 

"Depends," says McCarty.

The team that isn't a running team or a passing team but likes to do both, also likes to  go no-huddle some, but not all that much.

It depends on what's happening out there.

He knows he can be vague, but he can't seem to slow down the football wheels in his head. One problems solved and another pops up, just like a bottle at a midway shooting gallery.

"There are just so many dynamics," he says.

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