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September 6, 2013

Roff wins family affair Thursday at own fast pitch tournament


Roff —

Tupelo’s Kurston Chamberlain singled and scored on an error in the top of the fourth, but Roff got that back in the bottom of the fourth in the form of Jalee Hood's RBI single that ended the scoring.

Jason said he expects more from his team as the season continues.

“I really thought we’d come out with a lot more intensity today. I would say of all their rivals, this is probably the biggest one," he said. "They wanted to beat them bad, and it didn’t show.

"I don’t feel like there was intensity before the first pitch or any time after. I’m disappointed, but we have a lot more season left. I tell these girls every day they have the potential and the talent to be a good team if they’ll just put it together and quit worrying about it and go play and have fun.”

Blake Crawford didn’t like to see the four errors at the end of his team’s linescore, but he was happy to advance.

“You have to win that first round of your own tournament. We made too many errors. We didn’t play very well.  It wasn’t a very pretty game. But it was a win,” he said.

Former Roff girls basketball coach and teacher Lora Trimmer — the mother of Jason and Lauren — tried to remain calm throughout the contest.

“Anything I said wouldn’t be right. One or the other of them would be mad,” Lora said. “I was hoping they would both do good.”

Lauren also thought her mom would remain neutral.

“She was rooting for both of us,” she said.

Jason, not so much.

“She’s going for little sis right now. She has to,” he said. “It hurts her to see me upset and pouting like I was today, but she ultimately wants to see the one that’s playing do better.”


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