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February 14, 2014

Sorry 'Hawks, 12th Man is taken

Ada — Just think how good the new world champions of football might have been had their 12th man been fully intact for this year’s Super Bowl.

Unfortunately they couldn’t take everybody from Seattle to New Jersey, which is why the ’Hawks only won, 43-8.

But let’s just stop it right there now. The 12th man has already been taken.

I’m not an Aggie. Never have been an Aggie, but I have a daughter-in-law who’s an Aggie alumna, complete with bonfire on the wall in a San Antonio den. And there’s no such thing as an Aggie ex, barf, barf.

When it comes to Aggie stuff, these folks aren’t reasonable. In fact, they’re crazy. It’s the kind of crazy that comes from the heart, granted. 

Those Aggies drive me nuts, just the same. 

On the other hand...

I’ve covered several football games at College Station over the years, and even when they lose by 40 or 50 points, they sway. Heck, they gave up 70 to Oklahoma one year. 

Didn’t stop ’em. They still locked arms and swayed back and forth and sang that dadgum Aggie War Hymn with tears of pride running down their autumn cheeks. It looked like Custer's last stand down on the field.

I’m there on business, and I still have to brush my arms to keep the goose bumps at bay before I go to the winning locker room.

So yes, they’re almost as crazy as Seattle Seahawks fans, who seem to be trying to break the sound barrier while pilfering the 12th man franchise.

Never thought I’d be doing this, but, oh well. On behalf of all Texas Aggie fans, I bring forth the following obligatory protest for the sake of family peace.

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