- Ada, Oklahoma

December 10, 2012

Local Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper honored for seat belt enforcement

Art Lawler Staff Writer
The Ada News

Ada —  

If you’ve been slacking off on buckling your seatbelt, you might want to reconsider that.

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office has just honored Troop F Ada Trooper Robert Benedict for his efforts at seatbelt enforcement.

Perhaps you’ve met him at roadside.

The last Friday of each month the Oklahoma Highway Patrol conducts Fasten Up Friday where troopers are asked to make a dedicated effort toward occupant protection.

You may get careless about your safety, but chances are good that Trooper Benedict won’t.

According to a statement by Ronald Hampton, Benedict, who is assigned to the Pontotoc County detachment of Troop F, is one of three top troopers statewide to issue a high number of seatbelt citations during the Fasten Up Friday campaign.

That doesn’t mean you’re just supposed to buckle up on Friday. Benedict is out there daily and he has a trained eye. 

You might be interested in knowing your trooper leads Troop F in seatbelt enforcement year after year.

“His dedication to protecting the drivers and passengers inside a motor vehicle through seatbelt enforcement is highly recognized,” Hampton said.

“Trooper Benedict  understands as a seasoned trooper that preventing injuries when a collision occurs starts with seatbelt use,” HOP Lt. Brett Sayer, supervisor for the Pontotoc County detachment of Troop F, said.