- Ada, Oklahoma

September 15, 2013

Blue Bell honors Oklahoma Teacher of the Year regional finalist in Ada

Ada — ADA — Oklahoma– Blue Bell Creameries will honor Susan Rindal, Vanoss Elementary School teacher and regional competition finalist, by treating the entire student body and staff of her school to Blue Bell Ice Cream. Blue Bell employees will arrive at Vanoss Elementary School, 4665 E. Cr 1548, Monday, Sept. 16,  at 11 a.m. with a truck full of ice cream.

In addition, Blue Bell Creameries will present Rindal with a cooler of her favorite Blue Bell flavors and a congratulatory letter from Paul Kruse, president of Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.

“At Blue Bell, we believe there is no finer work you can do in this world than be a teacher,” said  Kruse. “The finalists for Oklahoma Teacher of the Year are among the most outstanding members of their profession. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to honor Ms. Rindal for her wonderful work.

“We want to recognize not only Ms. Rindal, but the entire student body and staff at Vanoss Elementary School. Part of our purpose is to remind all the students how fortunate they are to have Ms. Rindal and such dedicated teachers with them every day.”