- Ada, Oklahoma

February 20, 2013

Texas company awarded bid for bleachers at Agri-Plex

Art Lawler Staff Writer
The Ada News

Ada —  

Pontotoc County Commissioners finally got the bid they wanted from a construction firm for five new rows of bleachers for the Agri-Plex.

D.G.J. D., which manufactures the bleachers in Boyd, Texas, made a turn-key offer to build the bleachers (five rows by 15 feet) for $10,525.

The bid was slightly better than Park ‘N’ Pull, which submitted $10,924.80. The bleachers will be paid for out of the county’s hotel-motel tax fund.

The panel unanimously approved a newer distributor truck for District 3 for a price of $103,800. The purchase was from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for a lease unit.

Financing for the distributor truck was also approved for Empire Financial Capital Equipment Financing.

The truck is used to put down oil during road construction.

The commissioners also looked at a bid for a new backhoe for District 3 at a price of $75,000 with a $25,000 trade-in option. But District 3 Commissioner Justin Roberts made a motion to table the decision.

Later, a John Deere representative made plans to bring the John Deere 310 SK model from Ardmore for demonstration purposes.

“I’d just never used that model before,”  Roberts said. “It’s kind of hard to sign off on something you haven’t seen before. Something may seem just right at first, but after you have it for two or three days, you discover things you didn’t know.”