- Ada, Oklahoma

February 26, 2013

County resolution gives city 5.2 miles of road

Art Lawler Staff Writer
The Ada News

Ada — By Art Lawler

Staff Writer

ADA — The Pontotoc County Commission voted unanimously Monday to grant ownership of certain Ada roads to the city of Ada  by deeming them city streets.

The roads have been maintained in the past by the county, but the city will take over maintenance of the roads thanks to a county resolution.

“Whereas the Pontotoc County Board of Commissioners grant ownership of the following county roads,  which lie within or adjacent to the city of Ada be deemed “city streets”. Therefore, the following said roads (including easements) will be considered property of the city of Ada.”  

There was little discussion on the transfer with Ada City Attorney Frank Stout representing the city, and the three commissioners voting 3-0 to approve an earlier city of Ada petition to the county for annexation of property.

In the agreement, the county passed a resolution last year agreeing to the following transfers:

• Intersection of Western Street and Main Street, to the intersection of Western Street and 14th Street (approximately 0.2 mile).

• Intersection of 14th Street and Western Street to the intersection of 14th and Latta Road (approximately 0.2 mile).

• Intersection of Oak Street and Kings Road; to the intersection of Oak Street and 33rd Street.

• Intersection of 32nd St. and Oak Street to intersection of 32nd Street and Kerr Lab Road (approximately 0.3 miles);

• Intersection of 33rd Street and Kerr Lab, to the intersection of 32nd Street  and SH 99S.

• Intersection of 33rd Street and Kerr Lab Road, to the conclusion of 33rd Street (approximately 0.5 mile);

• Intersection of 32nd Street and Blakeway Drive, to the conclusion of Richardson Drive.

• Eastern portion of Kerr Research Drive to the intersection of Kerr Research Drive and Stonecipher (0.7) mile.

In all, the annexation will put 5.2 miles of county roads into the city limits of Ada.

The quick 20-minute meeting also resulted in the county agreeing to qualify Houston Jack Wells to occupy a home built with OHFA (Oklahoma Home Finance Agency) grant money. Wells’ name was transferred to the deed with the passing of the man’s mother.

The county took no action on the backhoe, which District 3 Commissioner Justin Roberts is looking to possibly purchase for his district. Roberts is trying out a newer John Deere backhoe to see if it’s the one he wants for his district.