- Ada, Oklahoma

May 22, 2013

Cyclist struck by vehicle during storm

Art Lawler Staff Writer

Ada —

Police are keeping their fingers crossed: however,  Ada motorists drove like pros through the streets of this city during the heavy rains Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

Only two wrecks were reported and neither were rain or storm related. One involved a man on a bicycle and the other a man on a private parking lot. He was turning right from his lawn onto East 12th  when he collided with a gas meter.

Luck could run out, of course, as heavy rains continued into Tuesday afternoon.  The cyclist mishap occurred about 5 p.m. when patrol officer Link Logan was summoned to the intersection of Main Street and Johnston Avenue to check on a report of a vehicle-pedestrian accident with injury.

Logan didn’t find a vehicle but he did find a cyclist, Thomas Ingram, going south on Johnston Ave.

The officer noticed the man had lacerations to his forehead, nose and upper lip. He also had scratches on his arms. Ingram told Logan he was fine and was on his way to the store to get something to eat.

Logan said the man appeared to be under the influence of alcohol,  and when  emergency services arrived, he even asked an EMT if he could be arrested for DUI on a bicycle, the officer reported.

Ingram said he couldn’t be certain who struck him, then added, it may have been a dark-colored vehicle, maybe a truck. 

He told Logan he wasn’t sure exactly where or when it happened, either. Ingram was taken to Valley View Regional Hospital by Ada Fire Department, and his bicycle was taken to his house on South Cherry Avenue by an official with Ada Animal Control.

No arrest was reported.

Sean Martin Childress, 38, of Ada was identified as the motorist who hit the meter. No damage or citations were reported.