- Ada, Oklahoma

December 26, 2012

Local band to release CD Saturday in Ada

Jeff Cali Sports Editor
The Ada News

Ada —

When watching local band Tasty Trio for the first time, it’s only natural that one starts putting basic arithmetic skills to good use.

Let’s see, one drummer plus two guitarists plus a lead singer equals four every time. Nevertheless, you still have the Tasty Trio rocking your socks off. The band has a classic rock feel  but still has a unique style of its own. 

Tasty Trio drummer Chris “Bruiser” Hoover tried his best to explain the name and the number.

Hoover, along with original Tasty Trio band members Marshall “Marty the Party” Omohundro (the lead vocalist) and “Nasty” Nate Compton (bass player) were part of multiple bands for about the last eight years.

As part of the former band Revolution, the Tasty Trio would be a threesome on most occasion while another member was mostly MIA at practice sessions.

“The Original Tasty Trio never really performed gigs, except for in the house, and it really only started because the singer of The Revolution would hardly come to practice. He was a great guy  but would never come. We would be The Tasty Trio during practice until he showed, and then turned into The Revolution,” Hoover said.

In the summer of 2012, the Trio reunited once again after Omohundro returned from a teaching stint in Mexico. They got more serious and got some help from the Air Force.

The fourth band member, Hiram “Rowdy” Roulston, is currently an aircraft mechanic on a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker stationed at McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, Kan. With Roulston that close, he joined the trio,  which is now a quartet and plays rhythm guitar.

“Rowdy would come to practice with us all the time when he would be down from the Air Force. When it finally came down to it and it was gig time, we decided it sounded better with him in it than just us three,” Hoover explained. “It gave Omohundro and Compton more leeway on what they could do live.”

The original Trio members are all Ada High graduates, and Hoover is a former Ada High football player. Roulston was born in Ada but was raised in the metropolis of Sasakwa.

The Tasty Trio has been performing shows all around the region since September.

“We practice and write pretty much four days a week. When we finally got our set list very padded — with over 10 originals — we decided it was time to record,” Hoover said.

So after many sessions with John Cheadle of Treehouse Studios in Ada, the band finally had a CD ready to distribute.

“After it was all said and done, the album — which doesn’t have a name at this time — sounds amazing. Took us around two and a half weeks to record, edit and mix,” Hoover said.

CDs will be available for purchase at the band’s next show — scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 29, at Applebee’s restaurant in Ada. That show begins at 11 a.m. and will run to closing time (2 a.m.). Fans can purchase the album at that time for $3 apiece.

“The album artwork and cases won't be ready in time for the 29th, so that is why we are selling them so cheap. I hope everyone can make the free show and can get a copy or two of the album,” Hoover said.

The album includes the following 10 originals: Down The Road, Cold Wedge, Now & Forever, Howlin’ Woman, Tomorrow, Cherry Wine, Night & Day, The Shuffle (Drunkin’ Avenue), Spanish Tap, 8462 and Tasty Space. During live shows, the Tasty Trio also performs many familiar covers, including my favorite Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd and Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles.

Check them out Saturday night. You won’t be disappointed.