- Ada, Oklahoma

June 5, 2013

Ada concert to benefit storm victims

Art Lawler Staff Writer

Ada —

Joe House of Ada doesn’t so much tackle a problem as he dives into it head first.

It was no different when he and his wife Tessa heard about the F-5 tornado in Moore. Joe immediately went into relief mode and started throwing items into the back of his vehicle, items he felt the victims might need.

Tessa had to come out and tell him to stop — that officials in Moore already had too much help and needed good-hearted, well-meaning, people, to kindly stay away.

“Oh,” House said to himself, just as his swirling mind shifted gears to tackle the Moore tornado tragedy in an entirely different, more helpful way.

Joe and Tessa play music in Ada and many readers will be quite familiar with their music. Both play acoustical guitars and both sing and love country, among other genres.

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