- Ada, Oklahoma

April 26, 2013

Women charged with DUI, public intoxication

Art Lawler Staff Writer
The Ada News

Ada —

An improper turn resulted in the eventual arrest of two women, one for driving under the influence, the other for public intoxication.

Brad Rhoads observed the vehicle turning south on Broadway at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, so he pulled the driver over in the 1300 block of N. Broadway.

Emily Horn, 26,  was unable to produce proof of insurance and the officer thought he smelled alcohol on her breath.

She eventually registered .081, just over the legal limit for intoxication in Oklahoma.

A passenger in the car, Laura Elizabeth Smeltz, 26, was also given sobriety tests after the officer alledgedly smelled alcohol on her breath.

Smelt admitted to drinking three beers, and Horne told the office she drank one Stella. Smelt had an .80 level of alcohol in her blood and was also arrested at the scene.

That might have been the end of it at roadside, except that Smeltz’ husband pulled up to the scene and alledgedly began being “beligerent” with the officer.

 Rhoads ordered Jason Smelt to get back into his truck.

  At one point, Mr. Smelt ordered Ms. Smelt to get in his pickup truck so they could go home. The officer had already called Body’s Wrecker service to the come to the location and secure the vehicle.

Jason, then reportedly told the officer he wasn’t leaving without his wife.  

Rhoads’ reported that Mr. Smelt continued to be “beligerent” with him during the entire contact.

Both women were put into the back of Rhoads patrol car to be taken to the Pontotoc County Justice Center and booked. 

On the way to the justice center, Rhoads said Jason Smelt pulled up beside him for a while. The officer said he continued to drive to the justice center and there were no further altercations.

Jailers searched the car at the justice center and discovered a silver Ruger P94 with a loaded magazine in Mrs. Smelt’s purse. 

The magazine contained 10 rounds of ball ammunition. Mrs. Smeltz was charged with public intoxication and Ms. Horne was charged with driving under the influence and no insurance verification.