- Ada, Oklahoma

February 20, 2014

Man arrested after pursuit

Randy Mitchell Special Correspondent

Ada — Police arrested an Ada man after a short but fast pursuit Tuesday.

Arrested was 27-year-old Cash Garrett Marr. Ada police officer Brian Engel was patrolling the area of Arlington and Country Club when he ran radar on a vehicle traveling east on Arlington at 48 miles-per-hour in a 35 mph zone. Engel activated his emergency lights and attempted to stop Marr, when Marr allegedly continued to drive east, Engel wrote in a report.

“The vehicle continued east and turned into the entrance of Oakhurst Apartments at a high rate of speed,” Engel wrote. “I radioed central dispatch and advised them I was in pursuit and other officers responded.”

Marr continued driving, eventually leaving the apartment complex before entering again, according to Engel.

“The vehicle continued at a high rate of speed through the complex and then stopped in the 2500 block of Oakhurst,” Engel wrote. “Once the vehicle stopped, (Marr) exited the vehicle and ran. I stopped my patrol car and pursued the suspect on foot.”

Engel said he yelled for Marr to stop but Marr continued to run. Engel tackled him to the ground and placed Marr in handcuffs without any further incident. Police then made an inventory of the vehicle.

“During the inventory, officer Michael Meeks located a pill bottle containing four yellow pills, one orange pill and one white pill, along with a small with a small amount of green leafy substance in it,” Engel wrote. “Officer Meeks also located a glass pipe containing burnt residue in it which smelled of burnt marijuana.”

Engel said the pills were later identified as hydracodone and Xanax. Marr was arrested on suspicion of eluding a peace officer as to endanger others, expired tag, driving under suspension, having a warrant, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.