- Ada, Oklahoma

April 6, 2014

Greatest Losers share weight loss secrets

Lone Beasley Publisher
The Ada News

Ada — Tyler Witt, 2014 male winner of The Ada News Greatest Loser contest, says the biggest secret to losing weight is not giving up.

“Don’t give up,” Witt said. “Even if you do fall off the bandwagon, you can get back up on it. Some people, if they have a bad meal, let the whole day go to pot. You don’t have to do that. You get back up,” he said.

Calorie counting was a big part of Witt’s strategy. “Mainly I watched my calorie intake every day. I was very strict about not going over a certain number.”

Witt said that “certain number” was 1,200-1,500 calories daily coupled with 30-minutes of running on his home’s treadmill every morning. “A combination of those two really worked for me,” he said.

“You learn to adjust what you can eat. If you’re hungrier you adjust to a different type of food, like vegetables rather than a sandwich.”

Witt said it wasn’t all drudgery. “I allowed myself every Tuesday, after weigh in, one meal where I could let go a little bit and not worry about too many calories. I called that my cheat meal. It’s only for one meal, then you’re back on track.”

Lenora Ingle, first place female winner, admits her previous attempts at losing weight got derailed when she cheated on her diet. “If I (cheat), I blow it,” she said. “That’s how I always get off. I think, ‘Well, it won’t hurt me to eat this one thing,’ and then I eat it and I can’t get back on (my diet).”

Ingle says her success came as a result of following an Akins Diet regimen, which called for 75% meat consumption supplemented with 25% carbohydrates. “Breakfast would be bacon and eggs, lunch would be a salad and six ounces of meat, and then dinner would be a salad, a green vegetable and meat,” she said.

“Snacks would be almonds.”

This approach, combined with walking, helped her lose a total of 44.2 pounds over the 13-week contest period.

Witt’s total loss over the 13-week contest was 59.8 pounds.

“I grew up playing football. I was a lineman - that size of a person,” Witt said. “After you graduate from college you go sit behind a desk and start packing it on.”  

Witt is a computer programmer for the Chickasaw Nation, as is his wife, who works in a separate division. They have one daughter. He said his wife encouraged him along the way. “It wouldn’t have been nearly as possible if she wasn’t supportive of what I was trying to accomplish,” he said.

Ingle is a receptionist at Legal Shield and has lived in Ada 42 years. She also got support from her family. She and her husband have three children and eleven grandchildren. Her husband works at Dart.

Each contestant won $500 for being the greatest male and female losers.