- Ada, Oklahoma

August 16, 2013

Man arrested after officer observes erratic driving

Art Lawler Staff Writer

Ada —

A man sitting at a stop light wouldn’t ordinarily attract too much attention — especially the unwanted kind.

Jerry Griffin, 32, of Ada, was waiting for the light to change at Main and Broadway. He was in the proper turn lane.

Ada police detective Kathi Johnston noticed Griffin had stopped several feet short of the intersection. 

Johnston began watching as Griffin pulled into the parking lot of Love’s Country Store.

As Johnston continued east on Main Street, she saw Griffin pull through the parking lot and then back onto Main Street.

Johnston drove around the block and got behind Griffin again to see what else she might observe. 

The driver was now too far to the right. According to the report, Griffin eventually made a wide left turn onto North Stonewall, at which time Johnston decided to turn on her emergency lights so she could speak personally with Griffin.

While Griffin was telling Johnson he was on his way to his girlfriend’s house, the detective reportedly noticed a strong odor of alcohol. She also reported that his eyes were glassy and red.

“I’m not going to lie to you,” Griffin reportedly told Johnson. “Yes, I have been drinking.”

She asked him why he had pulled through Love’s parking lot. He told her he was going to get more beer.

Johnson told him he didn’t appear to need more alcohol.

Griffin agreed with her.

The detective put Griffin through a field sobriety test. In the process, she was able to detect six out of six clues in determining intoxication.

She also invited him to take the state’s implied consent test.

He declined. “No, ma’am.”

Upon doing an inventory of the pickup, Johnson said she noticed a foam cup in the center console containing a reddish liquid smelling “strongly of liquor.”

Ada patrol officer Jamie Gastineau spotted an open bottle of vodka in the truck and four unopened cans of Keystone beer.

All of these discoveries added up to an arrest of a man who had appeared to be just waiting for the light to change.

“I transported Griffin to the Pontotoc County Justice Center where he was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and of transporting an open container of liquor,” Johnston wrote.

Griffin’s truck was picked up by George Smith’s Wrecker Service for safekeeping.