- Ada, Oklahoma

April 25, 2013

Ada man competes in Ironman event

Eric Swanson Staff Writer
The Ada News

Ada — An Ironman jersey prompted Jeff McAlister to start training for the famous triathlon.

The 34-year-old Ada man always wanted to compete in a triathlon, which tests athletes’ skills in three consecutive events — long-distance swimming, bicycling and running events. Participants complete in each event without stopping, hoping to finish all three events in the shortest time.

As an avid cyclist, McAlister has participated in several statewide bicycle tours of Oklahoma. That experience sparked McAlister’s interest in triathlons, and his friend Kevin Holland suggested competing in a June 2012 triathlon in Joplin, Mo.

The thought of long-distance swimming scared McAlister, but he agreed to participate in the Joplin event. Then in July 2012, Holland and McAlister competed in a Dallas triathlon.

Following the Dallas event, McAlister joined another statewide bicycling tour. During that tour, he noticed that several riders were sporting Ironman jerseys.

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