- Ada, Oklahoma

October 5, 2013

Ada police officer pulls woman from edge of bridge

Randy Mitchell Special Correspondent

Ada — An Ada police officer is being credited with saving the life of a woman Friday afternoon.

Ada police officer Brian Tomsovic will be recommended for the Life Saving Medal after keeping a woman from jumping off a bridge. Motorists called 911 to report a woman sitting on the railing of the Sandy Creek overpass which crosses U.S. 377, part of the J.A. Richardson Loop. Ada police and firefighters, Mercy EMS, Pontotoc County sheriff’s deputies, Chickasaw Lighthorse police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol responded.

“When we got there, she was sitting on the railing facing south down 377,” Tomsovic said, “and obviously distraught.”

Fearing the woman would not only jump but be run over by traffic, law enforcement personnel halted all traffic. Police said the woman was in no mood to talk or climb back over the railing. They feared she would be killed leaping to the concrete below.

Tomsovic and Ada police officer Dewayne Campbell spoke to the woman for several minutes trying to get her away from the ledge. He and Tomsovic slowly approached and offered to let her make a phone call if she wanted to call a family member.

“She was responding to that,” Tomsovic said.

Tomsovic took out his phone and placed it on the ledge. The woman took her eyes off police and looked at the phone.

Tomsovic lunged forward, wrapped his arms around her and yanked her up and over the railing to safety. The woman, whose name is not being released, was taken to mental health services for treatment.

Tomsovic, a rookie, graduated from the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training only weeks ago. Friday, Tomsovic’s fellow officers were calling him a hero. Tomsovic said he was just doing his job.

“I’m just glad we could get her to mental health services where she can get the help she needs,” Tomsovic said.  

In related news, Ada Police Officer Michael Meeks will be awarded the Life Saving Medal at Monday’s city council meeting. Earlier this year, Meeks was on patrol when he noticed a house on fire. He notified central dispatch to send firefighters. Meeks broke a window to the home and helped residents out. The Ada News will have more information in Tuesday’s edition.