- Ada, Oklahoma

June 27, 2013

Walmart employee arrested on suspicion of stealing from employer

Art Lawler Staff Writer

Ada —

A Walmart employee arrested one of the store’s own employees Tuesday morning after the worker reportedly admitted in writing to stealing more than $1,400 in merchandise over a one-year period.

The items leading to Taylor Helsley becoming the victim of a citizen’s arrest by Walmart employee, J.D. Mixon, were some beef jerkey and a  bottle of PowerAde.

Mixon approached Helsley and told him to come to his office.

According to a police report, Helsley admitted stealing more than just the PowerAde and beef jerky, and Mixon got him to write a voluntary statement about what he had stolen. That’s when Helsley admitted he had been stealing from the store for the last year, which is roughly the same amount of time he had been a Walmart employee.

Mixon, with confession in hand, made a citizen’s arrest of Helsley, then turned him over to patrol officer Michael O’Connor, who placed him in a patrol car and took him to Pontotoc County Justice Center where he was booked.

Mixon then showed O’Connor Helsley’s statement. The merchandise added up to $1,442.47.

Items reportedly stolen included food items, video games, electronics and a watch.