- Ada, Oklahoma

April 10, 2014

Woman OK after collision with turkey

Randy Mitchell Special Correspondent

Ada — A motorist is lucky to be alive after an impact with a flying turkey smashed her van’s windshield while she was driving down the highway.

Janis Hart was driving east on state Highway 1 just west of Allen Tuesday afternoon when a large male turkey flew from the north side of the road, right into Hart’s path.

“I just braced for impact and hoped for the best,” Hart said.

The impact shattered the van’s windshield and sent glass flying through the inside of the vehicle. Although shocked and unable to see the road through the damage, Hart remained calm and pulled onto the shoulder of the road.

“I just slowed down as quick as I could and got over,” she said.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Keith Teel said Hart did exactly what she should have done after the impact. Hart received minor cuts on her forehead and scalp and was checked by EMS and firefighters from Allen and Ada.