- Ada, Oklahoma

November 21, 2013

Auto Zone burns, again

Art Lawler Staff Writer


The Ada News

 Sparks from a cutting torch are being blamed by construction workers, for a second fire at the Auto Zone Auto Parts store on 801 N. Broadway since late August.

The building, having recently undergone remodeling, was heavily damaged in a late August blaze, resulting in an estimated $1.1 million in damages, plus another $600,000 due to inside damage.

Wednesday afternoon, piles of Styrofoam insulation on the floor of the sales area of the building caught fire while workers were cutting metal at the top of the building.  

Heavy smoke and blazes could be seen at the top of the structure for a very short period of time Wednesday.

The building had little inside it, except for the insulation lying on the floor in the northeast side.

Eight firefighters were on hand and extinguished the blaze in a couple of minutes. Assistant Fire Chief Rickey Don Ross of the Ada Fire Department said the workers at the site had told him the sparks from the cutting torch had caused numerous squares of styrofoam insulation to catch fire.

Workers at first attempted to put out the fire by  themselves but eventually had to call for fire officials to come to the scene.

The roof of the structure had already been removed, which allowed the smoke and fire to exit the building quickly.

Firefighters continued spraying the insulation for several more minutes once the padding was moved outside the building to a parking area.

 They wanted to make sure the flames were extinguished inside and out.

  The earlier fire late last August destroyed the contents of the store soon after it re-opened its doors for a grand-re-opening after remodeling was completed.

  Cause of the fire in August appeared to have originated in the the breaker panels in the northeast side of the building, according to Ada fire officials.

 Both fires were quickly ruled accidental by firefighters.

 Four firefighting vehicles were rushed to the scene, along with eight firefighters to contend with the blaze.