- Ada, Oklahoma

August 26, 2013

Woman allegedly kidnapped; suspect sought

Randy Mitchell Special Correspondent

Ada — Pontotoc County law enforcement officers are searching for a man who allegedly kidnapped a woman in Ada Sunday.

Ramey Reamy, 23, Stonewall, is wanted for allegedly kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, Brittni Etier, according to Pontotoc County Sheriff’s deputies. Etier reportedly texted her sister that she was being held against her will by Reamy at a residence on County Road 3510. He allegedly took her from a house in Ada, officials said.

Deputies responded to the county residence at 2:50 a.m. and made verbal contact with Reamy and Etier who were in the house.

“Deputy (Kevin) Wood and I made contact with (Reamey) through a window in the front of the house, Deputy Kenny Heck said in a report. “(Reamey) was very belligerent and unhappy with our presence.  He was advised that we needed to speak to Brittni Etier. We were able to make contact with Brittni against the wishes of (Reamey).”

Deputies were speaking with Reamy and Etier when one deputy was forced to shoot a charging pitbull dog, Heck said. Deputies responded to the side of the house where the gun shots came from.

Deputies said Reamy and Etier were in the doorway of the house when verbal contact continued.

“(Reamey) refused to comply with the commands of the other deputies and would not show them his hands or come out of the doorway of the house,” Heck said. “Brittni was able to get away from the house and come toward us. Brittni came toward the other deputies when commanded to do so and when she came into my view on the south end of the house I commanded her to come toward me.”

Deputies retreated to a safe distance from the house to speak with Etier about the situation, Heck said.

“I was able to obtain a statement from Brittni who confirmed that she was being held against her will by Reamy,” Heck said. “Brittni reported that (Reamey) came to the  house where she was staying in Ada on 16th Street... and made her leave with him. Brittni was visibly shaken and upset. She stated (Reamey) slammed her against the car’s windshield several times when she had tried to escape. Brittni had signs of recent physical injury on her arms to include scratches and scrapes on her arms.”

Deputies used a loud speaker ordering Reamy to come out of the house, but he reportedly escaped through a side window and fled the scene, Heck said.

Sheriff John Christian said Reamy was released from jail in March 2013 after posting bond after being charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance. He was then arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary in June 2013 and allowed to bond out of jail again, Christian said.

Christian said a warrant for Reamy’s arrest has been issued and asks residents who know his wherabouts to call the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Department at 332-4169, Central Dispatch at 332-4466 (Non-emergency, 911 or their local law enforcement.