- Ada, Oklahoma

August 22, 2013

Police captain’s truck stolen; 2 arrested

Randy Mitchell Special Correspondent
The Ada News

Ada — By Randy Mitchell

Special Correspondent

Two Ada men are in hot water after allegedly being connected to an Ada police captain’s stolen pickup Wednesday.

Darrell Keith Kopaddy, 19, and Sean Michael Matthews, 19, were arrested just after 4 a.m. Ada patrolman Brian Engel responded to a call from a concerned resident of two suspicious males walking down Fullview Street attempting to open doors on vehicles.

“While driving east on Fullview, I observed a white pickup parked facing south on Ann in the 800 block that had its park lights on, and a male was sitting in the driver’s seat,” Engel said in his report. “I then pulled in front of the pickup and Officer (Michael) O’Connor arrived and pulled behind the vehicle...”

Engel said the man in the driver’s seat was Kopaddy. Kopaddy told Engel he was there to meet a friend, whom he said the vehicle belonged to, according to Engel. Central Dispatch ran the license plate number, which came back to APD Capt. Michael Lynch and his wife, Ginger. Police contacted Lynch, who checked his driveway and saw that his vehicle had been stolen.

“Officer O’Connor and myself ordered Kopaddy out of the vehicle and placed him under arrest for possession of a stolen vehicle,” Engel said. “During the search of his person, I located possible stolen property in his pockets [including] two sets of head phones, a toy badge, a phone charger, a lighter, three pocket knives, a set of keys, an OKC Thunder key chain, a book of matches, a small bottle of Ed Hardy perfume and deodorant, an empty camo wallet and a plastic bag containing several small plastic bags. A small pipe containing burnt residue with an odor I associated with marijuana was also located in Kopaddy’s pocket. Kopaddy stated the property was not his and it had been given to him by (the friend he was waiting for).”

Detective Kathi Johnston located Matthews walking in the 2200 block of Foster Drive. Johnston said Matthews was wearing a backpack which contained several items. Lynch arrived on the scene and identified at least one item in the pack as belonging to him, Johnston said. Lynch also found a Bose radio and a purse in his pickup that did not belong to him or his family.

Kopaddy and Matthews were arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property. Kopaddy was also arrested on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police are also investigating several auto burglaries which occurred in the 800 block of Magnolia Sunday night. A pickup was also stolen Sunday night from a residence in the 800 block of Magnolia.