- Ada, Oklahoma

December 14, 2013

Company brings 4G LTE to area

Art Lawler Staff Writer

Ada — Ada has been upgraded to the 4G LTE network.

If that doesn’t mean a lot to you now, it will.

4G has been with us for awhile, but AT&T has added LTE — Long Term Evolution.

AT&T has completed its fourth communication upgrade in the last six years. Its operation in Ada has been upgraded along with it.

The company is spending $13 billion over the next three years and has already spent $120 million in Oklahoma in just the first half of this year, said AT&T spokesman Jason Constable.

Constable and Area Manager of External Affairs Jason Winborn spoke briefly about the new technology as part of last Tuesday’s 12 by 12 luncheon at the Ada Area Chamber of Commerce. Business, industry and education representatives gathered at the luncheon for discussions.

The upgrade is intended to speed things up out there in the spectrum. It may not seem like it, but we’re apparently still in the horse-and-buggy days compared to what these folks have in mind for us in the future.

It is expected to change the way we work and live.

Billions of dollars are being invested in building out the network to meet growing needs.

Constable explained how cell phones were originally used to make telephone calls and send text messages. Most of that space is used nowadays to accommodate NetFlix, U-Tube and other video communication transmissions.

Winborn talked about how Ada’s upgraded technology will allow all things associated with phones, pictures, documents and car doors, to speed up to  20 times the old rate of transmission.

First, they’ve got to build a much more robust network to connect with more devices.

Storing of one’s own personal records as well as business records is already done on a “cloud” rather than one’s computer.

The AT&T representatives reminded the group of the old T-1 technology of a few years ago. This new 4G LTE has 20 times the band width of the old T-1.

Wireless demands have pushed the industry from a traditional copper network to an IP-based network.

It’s a way to send all kinds of pictures, documents, games, etc. into the wireless ether with great speed.

Winborn and Constable spoke about the possibility of AT&T customers not needing a wallet or purse in the next several years. Tired of losing those things? Put them in a place where they can’t be stolen or lost. Don’t worry about spending hours on financial documents organization or handling your personal account.  Let the phone do it.

The representatives said these innovations will come together by 2020.

Of course, you can still talk over these gadgets.

Naturally, there is the problem of losing the phone with your entire life wrapped up inside it in the Pacific Ocean.

“No problem,” said Winborn. “You’ll have your own central headquarters in a cloud which can instantly retrieve it for you. Ideally, we could reach the stage where it is impossible to lose  car keys,  billfolds and credit cards.”