- Ada, Oklahoma

August 15, 2012

Letter to the Editor

The Ada News

Ada —  

Editor, The Ada News:

I was glad to see a positive article about our volunteer firefighters. People need to know how important they are and how hard they work. After seeing all the fires in the state lately, we should appreciate them more than we ever have. They put their lives in danger every time they go out, not only from the fire but from poor equipment.

More than half the counties in Oklahoma have voted a sales tax to support their firefighters. I believe our volunteers deserve our support. I was very disappointed when there were so many negative comments during the special election for sales tax. It would have cost us 25 cents on every $100 we spent. How many people cannot afford this to support our dedicated and hard-working firefighters? After the sales tax failed, it was stated by the city leaders that they were going to help our firefighters. I have heard of nothing happening. If other things have to be included, then do it soon. Find out what the other counties have done and do something. Don’t wait until our volunteers don’t have money for fuel to get to your fire.

There is no guarantee that Ada won’t be the next huge wildfire. I have been looking around the city of Ada and saw many fire hazards. Have you forgotten about the Evergreen fire when the volunteers were on roofs keeping downtown Ada from burning?

The area around Lula is very supportive. We have fundraisers, pay dues and receive many donations. All they have to do is let us know what they need and it is there within hours. With all the expense fighting fires, we do not raise enough money for equipment that is needed.

I have seen where several fires have burned around Lula and they were put out before there was much damage. Within one mile of us, there have been two fires near houses. The houses were saved, and very little grass was burned.

I have personally had help from our firefighters five times. They always respond promptly.

You need to wake up, Ada, and do something to help our volunteers. Your tax is already higher than most of the state, so what is another small amount going to hurt?


Marcine Brooks