- Ada, Oklahoma

February 13, 2012

Reader says Dems robbing SS

The Ada News

Ada — Editor, The Ada News:

Only the Democrats steal from the Social Security Trust Fund and call it a tax cut. Last year, they stole $200 billion and it looks like they will steal another $200 billion this year. The Democrats say ‘help the little man.’ Let’s look at what they are doing.

If you make minimum wage, you will get a cut of payroll deduction of less than $300, but if you make $100,000 or more, you will get a reduction of over $2,000. So who are they helping — the little man or the large-wage earners.

In a couple of years when someone retires, will their Social Security be cut? If it is not cut, those of us already retired should get an increase for having paid in the full amount.

Social Security was already in trouble and now they are cutting the amount going into the trust fund. They keep saying they are going to tax the rich to make up for the cut, but not one cent of the tax increase will be credited to the Social Security Trust Fund.

The Federal Government owes the Social Security Trust Fund billions of dollars, but they keep ignoring it. Does Congress get to take advantage of the over $2,000 savings since their salary is over $100,000? Are you one of the $100,000 wage earners who will be getting the over $2,000 savings?

The Democrats last year voted to take $530 billion out of Medicare and not one Republican voted for it. This will cause Medicare (funding) problems soon.


M.E Carr