- Ada, Oklahoma

May 15, 2012

Letters to the Editor

The Ada News

Ada —  

Editor, The Ada News:

I am writing to air concerns on the poor management and neglect in District 2.

I live in Vanoss on a dirt road the county maintains. The person who grades it needs to be sent to school on how to properly perform the job ... oh, wait ... I do remember reading in your paper not long ago there was a school in Ada where county commissioners could send county employees to learn the proper techniques of road grading.

I guess that was not in the district’s budget. Our roads are so bad if you had to drive a small vehicle you would have to be very careful because of the large boulders and large limbs that are out in the middle of the roads.

They are there because road graders have left them behind. You will high-center on them, and if you meet another vehicle, you have to stop and pull over and let them pass because of the same reason.

I would also like to address the budget for the district. We were told by county workers last year they could not grade our roads as often because they could not buy diesel as it was far too expensive.

What about the new barn that just had to be built? Did we really need it? Or the brand new truck for Commissioner Danny Davis? I would say you have no idea how to spend or budget taxpayer funds for District 2.

Our roads and money have been neglected far too long. I can’t think of one good thing the commissioner has done for us since he was elected. He has only helped himself out.


Darah Elliott



Editor, The Ada News:

Where’s the story? Your May 1 piece about the young mother arrested twice within 24 hours for driving under the influence of prescription medication says more about The Ada News than it does the woman.

The attention-getting front page article, complete with a snappy title (DUIja Vu) and a full color photo has no point other than sensationalism. Ironically, there is a story here: It is the singling out of one unfortunate individual, the total disregard for her two young daughters and the return to yellow journalism. I think that is the story.


Katie Key