- Ada, Oklahoma

April 25, 2012

Letters to the Editor

The Ada News

Ada —  

Editor, The Ada News:

These folks deserve our thanks.

Statistically speaking, there are over 500,000 folks in the U.S. who are considered a kidney patient. Of that, there are approximately 350,000 who are a dialysis patient.  Staggering numbers when you think about it. Over time and through a course of events, I now find myself counted in that 350,000.

I began dialysis just a few short weeks ago. I suppose there was a time, in generations past, when this sort of treatment was considered to have a bleak outcome.  Not so today.  The dialysis treatment method is typically 3 or 4 times a week for 3 or 4 hours each time.  While there is  now  home dialysis treatments available, which I look forward to doing in the coming months, it is the Dialysis Treatment Centers where most dialysis patients go each week. For now, that is what I am doing.

What I would like to focus on, however are the folks who staff these treatment centers. In particular, the Dialysis Center here in Ada. Let’s be clear. The treatment of renal failure called dialysis is life saving. As uncomfortable as it may be from time to time, each time an individual has dialysis, they are prolonging not just their life, but the quality of their life as well.  For me, I have so much to live for. My wife, my children,  my grandchildren, my dad, a brother and sister and countless friends. I still work full time and enjoy getting out. To be sure, four hours, three times a week is but a small price to pay to enjoy all that I have.

The men and women who administer the dialysis treatments are all top notch, dedicated professionals. Yes, they are our friends and neighbors, but the service they provide is incredible. Consider for a moment what the technician is doing each time a dialysis patient sits in a treatment chair. They are being trusted  to properly connect two quarter inch hoses either by needle or implanted catheters enabling an individual’s blood to travel out of their body, through a filter and pumped back into their body, all the while being checked and double checked with extremely sensitive monitors. This life-saving episode plays out countless times each week, and it is the technicians, nurses and support staff who see to it that all goes well, time after time, patient after patient.

To be sure, there is an interesting bunch of folks who come each week to receive the life saving work of the dialysis staff.  It is those staff members who I salute. I have not been going but a few short weeks. I am pretty much a rookie right now, but I will, without hesitation,  place my life’s blood (literally) in their hands. I cannot emphasize enough the respect I have for the men and women at the dialysis center here in Ada. It seems so inadequate, but I offer a sincere “thank you” to them all.


Doug Davis




Editor, The Ada News:

On behalf of the Ada High School baseball team, I would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time, money, and resources this season. Special thanks go out to all who contributed to our two fundraisers this year, the holiday ham sale last fall and the dinner/auction this spring.

The community support for the program is tremendous and I just wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate it.


Robbie Burch, Head Baseball Coach

AJH Athletic Coordinator

Ada City Schools