- Ada, Oklahoma

March 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor

The Ada News

Ada — Dear Editor,

My name is Laura Frye, and I am a 2005 graduate of Ada High School. I am currently completing my degree at Saint Louis University.

Some of you around town may have seen the flyers posted about my research project. I am exploring the impact the 1982 murder of Debbie Sue Carter and the 1984 murder of Denice had an affected all of us, the people of Ada. Surely many of you have faced the same questions I have about our town, our people, and our sense of justice.

With the release of John Grisham’s book The Innocent Manin 2006, our community was placed in the national spotlight whether we wanted it or not. The topic I’m exploring is a controversial, sensitive one, and I want to calm any fears that I have an agenda or slant on this story. By now, everyone who’s interested knows the general facts of both cases. What no one has yet asked is, “What story do the people of Ada have to tell?”

I hope to talk to as many Ada residents as possible in the coming weeks. I am hosting a public forum at the Ada Public Library this Thursday, March 15th, at 6 p.m. It will be in the upstairs music room, and I hope everyone with even a slight interest in the topic will come and share their opinions. I’m not looking for any certain story or any particular piece of information. Everyone has something valuable to add to this research.

If you are unable to attend the public forum, there are other ways to contact me. You may choose to visit the website I created for this project at You can also reach me by email at I will be in town this week, March 12-18 and would be happy to meet with anyone who would be willing to talk with me. I truly want to hear the stories of the people of Ada. Please take a few minutes to help me in my research.

I hope to hear from many of you soon.

Laura Frye

St. Louis, Mo.



Dear Editor,

It was my honor and privilege to be able to speak to the downtown noon Kiwanis yesterday.  Prior to that time District Judge Tom Landrith graciously provided a tour of the renovated courthouse and new city-county jail.  I just wanted to compliment the citizens of your fine community on the foresight and support for these projects.  Retaining the historical courthouse and updating its interior has allowed the preservation of the county’s history while preparing for the needs of the 21st century.  Likewise the recognition that only a new jail could provide the security and requirements for the future, the citizens exercised great judgment in giving their consent to provide this technologically advanced facility that will meet the county requirements for years to come.

It is not surprising that the Ada community would step up to meet the needs of the city and county government.  It has been my experience that the community has been blessed with outstanding judicial officers who have earned the respect and credibility of the community, thus leading to the ability to pass the questions that provided the funding for these projects.  District Judge Tom Landrith and Associate District Judge Martha Kilgore are both respected throughout the state for their knowledge and judicial ability.  I am certain these new facilities will ensure they have the tools needed to provide the citizens with an efficient judicial system in the years to come. 

My compliments to the citizens of Ada and Pontotoc County for truly a job well done.

Gary L. Lumpkin

Judge, The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals