- Ada, Oklahoma

January 25, 2012

Letters to the Editor

The Ada News

Ada —  

Dear Editor,

I would like to provide a few details regarding the recent announcement that EDGE Tech Corp has agreed to sell substantial assets to Austin-based Avant Technology, Inc., effective January, 2012.

In recent years, the DRAM industry has been plagued with continuous price declines and sluggish demand, making it increasingly difficult for EDGE to compete against larger third-party manufacturers and major OEMs. Unfortunately, industry experts predict similar market dynamics in the future. About a year ago, I started looking for a strategic partner that could potentially merge with EDGE in order to reduce costs and improve production capacity. I had no idea what results, if any, this process would produce. I did know, however, that big changes and consolidation were inevitable as our core business could not sustain, much less grow, without it.  After a long, on-again, off-again process, what resulted is the sale to Avant.

I am confident that the expertise and momentum Avant provides will allow EDGE to compete at a new level in the very near future – a real positive for those team members continuing on with the new owners. At the same time, I am disappointed and saddened by the loss of jobs resulting from closing our Ada operations facility, effective this month.  EDGE Tech will retain a small office in Ada with approximately ten existing employees who will continue to service our direct ecommerce business ( 

It’s been almost twenty five years since I posted my first classified ad and sold my first product from a make-shift office in the basement of my parents’ home on south Constant Street.  I had no idea that my hobby would develop into a real business, providing hundreds of jobs over the years.  I’ve enjoyed being a member of the Ada business community since 1986, and working with some of your best.  

If you’re an employer and have the opportunity to interview someone who’s worked very long at EDGE, give them a leg up in the process.  You can be assured they are loyal, honest, and hardworking if they were part of our team.  If you want to speak to me personally about anyone, my direct number in Dallas is 972-728-2005.

Thanks, Ada, for sharing in the celebrations and milestones of EDGE Tech Corp throughout the years, especially those of you who have been a part of it – what a ride!

As an aside, we will be having a great auction at 10 a.m. this Saturday, Jan. 28.  Computer servers, coat racks, office chairs, tanning bed, weightlifting equipment, bedroom suites... you name it, we have it.  1310 North Hills Center.

All my best, 

Jeff Thompson

President and CEO

EDGE Tech Corp

Dear Editor,

 The family of Jennifer L. Campbell would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of the individuals who responded admirably in our time of crisis: Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office, Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse Police, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, District 22 D.A. Drug Taskforce, Allen Police Department, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, State of Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office, Byng Volunteer Fire Department, Byng and Ada Fire Departments, Valley View EMS, Sheriff John Christian, Byng Assembly of God Church, Mr. Gary Haney and the American Legion. In addition we would like to thank all friends and neighbors for their kindness and support during this difficult time.

Larry Brown


Dear Editor,

I would like to applaud the efforts and leadership of people involved in putting together the Career Fair for the 8th graders last week. I attended part of the fair out of my own curiosity and found this event well organized and very useful in educating youngsters that they must take control of their lives now to have a good future and career. The theme of the event My Career, My Future, My Responsibility was very powerful and appropriate. The event emphasized that these young kids must develop good life habits and pay attention to their education for a good career and life ahead. 

Good education no doubt is the key ingredient to a good life. Good education qualifies anybody to have a good job, earn a decent amount of money and have a good life. Our minds open up with good education to the world and we prepare ourselves better to face the world. In today’s global economy with fast information technological advancement, we compete with the rest of the world everywhere. Other countries are making leaps and bounds improvements in their education systems.

I just visited India two months ago and was amazed to see how passionate families and communities are on making sure their kids get the best of the best education. For families in India, good education of their kids is clearly the top priority. There are before-school and  after-school coaching centers all around to prepare kids for tough competition for admission to elite schools or colleges.

My sister told me that in New Delhi, the capitol of India, there were coaching classes that started even 5-6 a.m. each day in the spring and summer; times before the schools would open. The story in China is no different with the largest number of engineering  graduates in the world.  According to a recent Time Magazine article by Fareed Zakaria, the World Economic Forum (WEF) report ranks the U.S. 51st in Math and Science education. Only 6 percent or so of the US graduates have engineering degrees, which is half of the average of the rich countries. Japan and Germany awarded close to 20 percent and 16 percent engineering degrees to its graduates. With fast changing technological advancement, the US is not able to supply enough engineers and IT professionals to its businesses and thus losing business competitiveness to the other countries. In global competitiveness, the US is now behind Sweden, Singapore, Finland and Switzerland.  Coming back to Oklahoma, we rank far behind in education in the US. Based on ACT, SAT scores, Oklahoma ranks towards the bottom. Average ACT scores of our area High Schools is stunningly low around 20. We most often fault low funding to schools and quality of teaching, which I don’t think are the primary reasons of the poor performance of Oklahoma and area students. Students have to take responsibility of their studies, homework and other activities. Parents play a key role in the development and education of their children and hence share responsibility about how their children do in schools and their overall development occurs.

The 8th Grade Career Fair was a first good step in the right direction to help area kids take control of their lives, futures and careers. It is just a start though. Much more has to be done ahead in the community to prepare kids of the area for future.  Talks and messages from the event have to be put into actions mainly by kids with help from their parents. Many good hearted people with support from some businesses made this important event a success.  Thanks to Senator Susan Paddock’s vision about this event. Many more events like this must happen in the future as well to reinforce the values and messages from the event. Kids’ parents play the most significant role in their kid’s present and future life. In addition, good hearted individuals, civic organizations, businesses, churches must come together actively to support sincere initiatives towards educational improvement in our community.  Good job again on the 8th Grade Career Fair and my salute to these leaders of our community. 

Ajay Kumar