- Ada, Oklahoma

June 20, 2012

Allen ready to work out water accord

The Ada News

Ada —  

Editor, The Ada News:

In Dr. Sewell’s article last week, he gave a disclaimer before commenting on the implementation of Senate Bill 288 and suggested that others should do the same.

Here is mine. I make my living working with landowners. I help them market their property. I am very happy and proud to do so.

I don’t feel conflicted in making a living helping landowners and also expressing my views on the Arbuckle-Simpson aquifer. I also own land on Blue River at Tishomingo. 

I absolutely accept Dr. Sewell’s statement the water-rich northern portion of the aquifer is extremely important to Byrds Mill Spring.

However, I am left to wonder how the city of Ada intends to try to establish a working relationship with landowners in that area to protect the flow and quality of Byrds Mill Spring?

We have repeatedly expressed interest in working with the city of Ada and continue to desire doing so. 

We think that everyone should let bygones be bygones, sit down and work out an agreement that works for everyone involved. We are ready and willing when you are.


Kelly Hurt