- Ada, Oklahoma

April 10, 2013

Motivation ran deep for greatest losers

Lone Beasley Publisher
The Ada News

Ada —  

The top male and female winners of The Ada News Greatest Loser Contest say some of the credit for losing the most weight over the 12-week period is due to a natural competitive streak. But it doesn’t take much digging to find out other factors were involved in keeping their motivation stoked.

Dennis Green of Byng, who lost 52.6 pounds, said presenting a “can-do” attitude for his kids was also an important factor. “I told everyone I came across, ‘I’m going to be the biggest loser. I’m going to do it.’ Second place would have been failure to me. I wanted to show (our children) that you can decide to do something, say you’re going to do it, put in the work and the effort and get out there and get it done, by the grace of God.”

Gina Williamson of Stonewall, who went by the name “Nana 45,” said a recent bout with cancer played a motivating role in helping her lose 39.8 pounds over the contest period. “I had stage three colon cancer last year, had surgery, and 12 rounds of chemo,” she said. Williamson said the cancer treatments proved extremely difficult. “It took a toll on me. It was rough. I thought, this is going to be a new year and this (contest) was something to motivate me. I never thought I’d win.”

Williamson’s doctor pronounced her clear of cancer on Sept. 29, 2012. “I go every three months so the doctor can check my blood work,” she said.

Asked what she did to lose weight, Williamson said she exercised by walking and paid close attention to what she ate. “I watched my calories, my carbs, walked and exercised at night,” she said.

Green said he too exercised and paid attention to his diet. “I basically just didn’t eat any sugar, very few carbs, and ate lots of vegetables. I got a membership to Perks Club (where weigh-ins took place each week), spent a lot of time on the treadmill and did a lot of cardio.

“The competition kind of got to me. I got real competitive. We had to answer to that scale every week and compete with the other guys. Now I have to find something else to light a fire under me to keep going because I want to lose another 50. My goal is (to lose a total of) 100 (pounds).”

Asked if she has advice for others trying to lose weight, Williamson said the first few weeks are the hardest. “Just stick to it. If you can make it through those first two or three weeks then you start losing weight, you feel better and you know it’s working.”

Green said those serious about losing weight should find a point of motivation. “Just find something that will light a fire under you and stay with it,” he said.

Green said there are rewards other than the prizes he won for being the greatest male loser. “Just to be able to hear your wife say ‘I can put my arms around you!’” was worth it, he said.