- Ada, Oklahoma

July 4, 2013

Roff students attend scholastic contests

Roff —

Roff High School students recently attended Southeastern, Seminole Jr. College and Murray State College scholastic contests.  Southeastern awarded medals for places first  through third. Seminole Junior College awarded medals and certificates to the top 5 placings while Murray State College awarded medals and certificates to places 1-10.  Roff students who placed were these: 


1st Place:  Jarred Stacey-Integrated Productive Software, Paata Kikilashvili-MS Excel, Sage Mills-Accounting II and Algebra I, and Karly Hedges-English II

2nd Place:  Darcy Bowerman-Computer Concepts, Nathan Braun-Electronics, Karly Hedges-Biology, Shane Wise-General Safety, and Sidney Isenberg-Integrated Productive Software

3rd Place: Cheyenne Perryman-Journalism


Seminole Jr. College:

1st Place:  Yesenia Lomas-Accounting I, Karly Hedges-Biology, Cheyenne Perryman-Journalism, and Sage Mills-Physical Science

2nd Place: Paata Kikilashvili-General Business, Darcy Bowerman-Journalism, and Paata Kikilashvili-World History

3rd Place: Mikala Huneycutt-General Business

4th Place: Keisha Goodner-English Literature and Karly Hedges-Grammar

5th Place: Wyatt Sawyers-Health and Amanda Rhines-Spanish II

Murray State College:

1st Place: Sage Mills-Accounting

5th Place: Sarah Gross-Physics, Wyatt Sawyers-American History, Keisha Goodner-Library Skills

7th Place: Lauren Trimmer-Current Events

8th Place: Paata Kikilashvili-Spreadsheets

10th Place: Keisha Goodner-English Literature, Amy Crawford-General Science, Kasey Grissom-Oklahoma History, Jarred Stacey-Chemistry, Angel Hart-Child Development, and Paata Kikilashvili-Computer Fundamentals.