- Ada, Oklahoma

January 19, 2013

Randy Around Town

Randy Mitchell Special Correspondent
The Ada News

Ada —  

Looking for a gift basket or maybe some candy to brighten someone’s day? There’s a new store in town with those very items for sale. It’s called Ada’s Just Because and it’s located at 312 E. 12th Street, across 12th Street from Apple Market.

The void left by the closing of Holiday Traditions is being filled by Ada’s Just Because owner, Diana Ross. Ross said Ada’s Just Because is similar to Holiday Traditions. Cayla Tracy, owner of Holiday Traditions, recently retired after 38 years and passed some of her knowledge on to Ross.

“She’s been very kind to me,” Ross said. “She was showing me how to do it, what she did that worked. So, it’s very similar to (Holiday Traditions)... candies, gifts and balloons and I hope to carry plants also.”

The store is now open, just in time for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or any special occasions for that matter. Ross sells candy by the pound, birthday baskets, Valentine’s Day baskets and other holiday baskets.

“It’s just a little way to brighten somebody’s day,” Ross said. “The reason it’s called Ada’s Just Because is just because you want it or just because you want to make someone’s day.”

So, if you’re looking for a gift for someone you care about, Stop! In the Name of Love and visit Diana Ross’ (not of The Supremes) new store, Ada’s Just Because.

“I really want Ada to know that I want to be known for a fair price,” Ross said. “I’m not ever going to mark everything up.” 

Another business worth mentioning is Lindsey Erickson’s Flagship Boutique located at 112 E. 12th. Erickson makes unique jewelry and other items.

“It’s my collection,” Erickson said. “So, all the pieces we sell here, I’ve designed. We hand-make here; we have an assembly studio in the back. We sell jewelry and small leather goods like belts and iPad cases. Erickson has iPad cases for 2012 and 2013.

Erickson creates jewelry for men, women and children of all ages. Her jewelry is created from mixed metals, copper, brass and pewter.

“A lot of kind of funky junk mix and match,” Erickson said. “ I love to use vintage components, so we use a lot of vintage pieces.”

The retail part of the store is currently closed, but Erickson will open the door for customers.

“We’re designing a new collection right now, so we’ve closed the retail store while we design a new collection so we can really concentrate on that collection, but people can just knock on the door and we’ll open the door,” Erickson said. “We’re here all the time and we’re always happy to open the door.”

For more about Erickson’s creations, visit, or her Facebook page at Lindsey Erickson Designs.

Before I go, let me say I’ll be looking into rumors about other businesses coming to town. 

One in particular is a new movie theater. Is that true? I’ll do my best to find out and get the skinny on all the particulars. If you have a question about something happening around town, ask me at