- Ada, Oklahoma

October 2, 2013

Community education topic of meeting

Ada —

Pontotoc County Retired Educators Association held its monthly meeting Sept. 20 at Ada Elks Lodge. After President Jo Ann Hunt welcomed members and guests, Vaden Morgan gave the invocation.

Following the invocation, Charlee Lanis, community education coordinator at East Central University, presented the program. She informed members of the types of classes offered at ECU to benefit the community, from kids to seniors.  She stressed the many physical and mental benefits of the programs. ECU needs students for the programs and teachers to teach the classes.  There is a place for everyone.  Brian Johnson attended to photograph the presentation.

Hunt called the meeting to order. No minutes were read since the last official meeting was in April.  Treasurer Thomas Stephens read the treasury report.

Hunt thanked each committee for its hard work preparing for the new year.  She gave special thanks to Tommie Beddow and her work on the yearbook. Ruth Ann Taylor was recognized for being named State Retired Educator “Volunteer of the Year.”

Ruth Ann Taylor, chairperson of the Pioneer Award Committee, recognized her members, Vaden Morgan and Peggy Bagley.

For a change, this year she handed out pieces of paper for members to offer suggestions for the award.  Next meeting, members will vote on the top three suggestions. The volunteer hours were stressed.

June Murphy urged members to be aware of some people wanting to “fix” retired educators' retirement. She said the choice of “defined benefits” has been working very well ,and their retirement is said to be in better financial shape than any other retirement system. 

Members were advised to keep in touch with their state congress to vote "No" on defined contribution.

Ada Hill, district representative, gave a short report and more information on Murphy’s discussion.

Mary Scalf and Judy Hanson had decorated the tables with fall colors, leaves, flower arrangements and figures.  The centerpieces were won by Kathy Adams and Judy Hisaw.

The district legislative meeting is in Ardmore on Oct. 25 at the technology center.

Billie Floyd will give the program Oct. 11 on “Step Back in Time.”

Attending were Tom Stephens, Judy Hisaw, Jo Ann Hunt, Lee Sweat, Judy Hanson, Mary Scalf, Faye Cook, Peggy Bagley, Ken Murphy, Jean Lyon, Ada Hill, Gene Hill, Sandra Mantooth, Peggy Wallace, Charlee Lanis, Aggie Allen, Chuck Perry, Dorotha Fenton, Lanny Sliger, Martha Skinner, W. Harold Skinner, Bryna Lane, Vaden Morgan, Janet Gibson, Kathy Adams, Gerri Stephens, Brian Johnson, June Murphy, Terry Ford, Jane Dupy, Norman Frame, Sammy Edwards, Mike McGaha, Edna Mae Cooley, Rita Scott and Ruth Ann Taylor.