- Ada, Oklahoma

February 24, 2013

Cali thankful Triumph didn't quit on him ...

Jeff Cali Sports Editor
The Ada News

Ada —  

Local couple Glenn and Casey Berry are probably nicer, more patient human beings than Jeff Cali.

While it’s awful they had to endure the dreadful experience they went through around two weeks ago, better them than Jeff Cali.

And it very well could have been Jeff Cali.

Glenn, Casey and their five children — ranging from ages 2-10 — were part of the guests on the Carnival Triumph cruise ship that, well, was far from triumphant on a voyage that started Feb. 7 and was supposed to end Feb. 11. But a not-so-funny thing happened to the Berrys  and the rest of the some 4,000-plus folks (3,141 guests) when the cruise ship was on the way home. The Triumph’s engine caught fire, the ship lost most of its power and suddenly it was just drifting around somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico.

The stranded cruise ship dominated the news until the passengers finally were rescued on Valentine’s Day night.