- Ada, Oklahoma

November 27, 2013

Shop locally this Christmas

Ada —

The biggest shopping season of the year is upon us and the hard truth is, if some our local businesses don’t make it during the Christmas selling season, they don’t make it. For some area retailers, what happens the next four to five weeks is a matter of survival. 

This fact is area retailers’ good reason for residents to shop locally but, for a variety of other reasons, it’s also worthwhile for local consumers to decide to shop locally. 

When our residents trade with stores located in someone else’s hometown, it becomes an investment in someone else’s community infrastructure, someone else’s fire and police departments, someone else’s roads and public amenities. By its very nature, money spent in other locales siphons money away from those same benefits in our hometown where we live.

Another good reason to shop locally is that more money spent in local stores helps those stores expand their inventories, better enabling them to cater to specific consumer requests for additional or specialty merchandise. 

Sometimes shoppers are swayed by the prospect of spending less on sales taxes or of paying cheaper prices in far away, larger metropolitan areas. This is almost always a superficial notion because rarely do such comparisons factor in the price of gas required to drive there and back, nor does it take into account the overall wear and tear on family vehicles. 

We would even go so far as to say it would be unreasonable to expect all shoppers to shop only locally one hundred percent of the time. But it shouldn’t be too much to ask for our local retailers to get first crack at satisfying our needs before making the journey to some far-away community to shop.

These business owners are our neighbors and a part of our community family. Let’s support them first. It is in our own best interest to do so.