- Ada, Oklahoma

September 15, 2013

9-15 sounding board

Ada — Thank you for the Sounding Board. This comment concerns the company that wants to run an oil pipeline through Byrds Mill Springs to Texas. We better be careful because what if we run a waterline through there, it could ruin our water.  You know, we have people from all over wanting our water from Byrds Mill Spring. Also, the Keystone pipeline that is coming through Canada to Texas can cause an explosion bigger than any we have ever heard of. The oil has a way of grinding through the pipes and can cause an explosion. They want to run it through Yellowstone National Park and Wyoming, also. It is time we wake up America.”

“I always thought there was a dummy on the Ada Police force. Now, I am sure of it. You find him parked all over town. He is very unfriendly, hardly waves at anyone, but, he is every effective and he works cheap. Watch out for him.”

“I think one answer to the shortage of teachers in this state, specifically math, might be to have a math person actually be state superintendent. Our state superintendent said every teacher in the state could get a $2,000 raise if we just cut administrative expenses 2 percent. I would like to see her figure up that creative mathematics."

“Now that school is in session, I am reminded by a statement made sometime ago by Abigail VanBuren.  She said, ‘If you want children to have their feet firmly on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.’”

“I saw on the news a story about chiggers. When I was a young person living on the farm, I encountered chiggers all over.”