- Ada, Oklahoma

October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Ada —

To the Editor:

Greetings from Ada, the Official Zombie Capitol of Oklahoma, where zombies are treated like family.

The Third Annual Zombies for Piece March was an amazing success. We counted up to 250 zombies but then ran out of fingers and toes to count them on.  The Zumba Zombies were more Thriller than ever, and many zombie men lost their heads over them. They can go to the city’s Lost and Found  department to pick them up. At The Zombie Kissing booth, some guy got some tongue and we want it back.

The McSwain Theater Halloween Movie was perfect and was followed by the zombie kids going to LAZER Zone with their gift tokens. The zombie dogs and zombie baby crawl races were hilarious, and the regality of the King and Queen Zombie brought tears to the eyes to anybody lucky enough to have both of them. 

Papa Gjorgjos’ wonderful Zombie Goo generated many photos for Christmas cards and the Zumba Zombies should have their own show in Vegas (visualize the chorus line as their legs fly into the audience.) The Ada Zombie Community pulled together (or fell apart) for a great event and I thank all of you very sick people. Yes, I’m talking about Candy and Craig from the Score Radio channel. 

 However, I want to give a big thanks to The Ada News for their great coverage and editorial. It is very apparent that The Ada News has really added some great features to its bag of goodies over the past few months; blending the Internet and written press is very cool. The Ada News has become a must-read and we appreciate their ongoing accomplishment in promoting our entire community — both the norms and the zombies.

So the Ada Lions Club, the Troop 13 Boy Scouts (check out the Troop 13 Zombie Facebook page, too), and Doc Zombie say thank you and see you next year on the Saturday before Halloween.

Dr. John Garber, “Doc Zombie”