- Ada, Oklahoma

October 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor

Ada —

To the Editor:

Today, Oct. 16, the Congressional vote to raise the spending limit is set to get the nod from most of the politicians in Washington. While I, for one, am very disappointed, I knew it would happen in this very predictable manner. The United States currently has and always had the ability to pay the interest on the loans it has incurred with other nations. We, as a nation, just do not have the funds to pay off our loans. This is not a default of our  loans. Raising the debt limit will not pay off our debt, but entice us to spend more. You just raised your limit to spend more but did nothing to curb spending more. Therefore, we will be in the same situation again and again.

Think of it this way. When you first go married, you incurred more debt than you could pay. The bills came due and you were struggling to pay your obligations. What did you do? You cut down on going out to eat, put off buying that nice rod and reel, and in general tried to economize. It took years of diligent hard work to bring your budget back in line but you did it. You did it by not spending money that you didn’t have.

We, as a nation, have become the left sugar teat of milk and honey for all the rest of the world. In years past, the motto of “Give us your poor, your tired, and your hungry,” has now become the motto of “Come to welfare, free food stamps, free health care.” In the past, you could come to the United States to make your future, raise your children to become somebody and to prosper. Now, the hoards of immigrants come to get on the welfare roles, draw food stamps, and get free health care. But this is only one small issue that needs to be dealt with. The problems of our nation are many to say the least, but The Problem is spending.


Don Perry




To the Editor:

I don’t comprehend why the people who claim to love our Lord do not stand up with firm determination to be loyal to our Creator.

They sat back on their laurels and allowed prayer taken out of the schools. Some children didn’t hear prayers except in school. That’s when things went downhill faster than before.

Our children are the future leaders of what’s left of our future. “How sad this is!”

These non-believers dictate their opinions on prayer in schools, sports events, etc. They want the Ten Commandments removed from public or government buildings.

Believers sit back and accept what “they” want changed. Why don’t we “stand up” for what we want. This complacency on our part is one of Satan’s tools.

People, we must invite the Lamb of God back in our schools. We must stand up for our rights and beliefs and ask Our Lord to “Bless America Again.”


Mary Chronister