- Ada, Oklahoma


May 8, 2013

Looking through the miscellaneous file

Ada —

I’ve heard historians say that in the so-called primitive cultures the women bear and raise the children, gather and raise food for the family, and prepare the meals.  The men hunt, fish, and tell stories.  Many of you will see there is nothing primitive about this except for the lack of hunting and fishing in some areas.

I’ve seen the storytelling instinct alive and well among the males of the species.  It is more complete in some members than others. There seem to be some men who are tagged with the storytelling gene and as they get older they develop a loop.  I’ve known some men who had a story loop that went from 1917 to 1945 and lasted for hours.  (And women probably do the same thing, but I’ve never observed it.)

Listen to them and you will learn something.

As I’ve mentioned a number of times, I am moving out of my math office in Yates Hall.  My transition to the dark side has become complete and I will be a full time administrator come early June.

Except for an odd volume here or there tucked under the leg of a table, I’ve finished with the books and have been moving over my papers.  The papers are mainly lecture notes for my classes that I’d arranged into 3-ring binders with indexed dividers.  These are great for arranging course materials for examinations. I’ve put my daily lectures in order and at the end of each section,  I put the exam. You take the binder to class with you, open on the desk, and teach from it until you see that glassy look in the students’ eyes.

I’ve been bringing over five or six 3-ring binders in my red cloth shopping bag.  The trouble with the 3-ring binders is they don’t stack well.  There is a lot of trapped air in them and they have an irregular shape.  They take up way too much space on the shelf compared to books.

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