- Ada, Oklahoma

October 14, 2013

Obama is more of a dictator than a leader

Richard Medcalf, Stonewall

Ada —

President Obama doesn’t want to work with the Republicans to try to do what’s best for the American people. Any 8-year-old child can tell that Obamacare is no good as it is now.

I applaud the Republicans for holding out to try to re-vamp this sorry program.

We have some hard-headed and stubborn people in key positions for the Democrats and a president that is more of a dictator than a leader. Any leader should look ahead at whatever pitfalls he is causing. It’s plain to see that our government is corrupt. Higher taxes, escalating cost of living and no jobs will create low morale, hardship and a burden on us which leads to unrest and ultimately rebellion.

I hope the American people will remember these leaders who are causing so many problems when it comes time to re-elect them. Now I don’t like the word entitlements and I don’t believe it should include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. These are benefits that we work for 40 to 50 years of our lives paying to the government and upon being old enough to use these benefits we still have to pay for them, plus our income tax.

I realize there are many government programs that need to be re-examined and even eliminated. I don’t like giving more money to a government that has wasted so much of it.

I would like to stop sending money overseas to any country that lets its people disrespect our flag, such as Pakistan.

I guess I’ve said enough except for addressing the Supreme Court and some of the sorry decisions they are making that keeps turning us away from God, but I guess that’s another article to be written. One other thing: the government is not going to default. There is money to pay our bills.