- Ada, Oklahoma

May 24, 2013

When can we believe it’s really May?

Dorothy Milligan Byng Correspondent

Byng —

Somewhere there must be a place to register a complaint about the whims of this crazy season we’re in. Whoever heard of snow during the first week of May?

Oklahoma’s weather reminds me of the line from an old song: “You may be a headache, but you never are a bore.” 

Despite the fact that the wind still feels as if it’s blowing directly off the North Pole, the trees have finally leafed out--even the oaks and pecans.  

Members of New Bethel Church have been making contented sounds lately, for we finally have ourselves a shepherd. The Pastor Selection Committee unanimously agreed to call Steve Gardner as our pastor. He had filled our pulpit several weeks when our pastor, Dale Dunagan, became ill. He preached for us Sunday, May 5, in view of a call.

The evening service was an informal question and answer time between the congregation and the prospective pastor.  In a business meeting that followed, members voted overwhelmingly to extend an invitation to him and his wife, Evonne. He assumed his duties Sunday, May 12.

Forest Weast, Midwest City, had been our interim pastor during the past few weeks. During that time, we have extended our sympathy to their family at the death of Mrs. Poole, the mother of Forest’s wife, Marie.  

Mrs. Poole died of pneumonia after a brief illness at the age of 100.  She had lived an active life until recently, and all who knew her were amazed at  her many contributions to her friends, her church and her community.

The church honored the Weasts Wednesday evening with a cake and ice cream social.

Jodi Jackson was unable to attend the social because she and David were out of town, but she did the next-best thing. She sent a delicious cake. The Jacksons have had family visits lately. Their son and daughter-in-law, Dave Jr. and Dawn, and their four children who had been making their home in Salon Springs, Wis., have been making a move from the ice and snow of Wisconsin to Clovis, N.M. Dave Jr. has completed 35 years in the Air Force and will put some of his training to use in a civilian job beginning in June. 

Meanwhile, the family is making a valiant effort to catch all the crappie in Lake Eufaula. They continue to report daily success, but Dave and Jodi have decided they need to do some investigative reporting and perhaps some testing of the catches. Two of the grandchildren, Kaitlyn and Jeremiah, have been visiting with Dave and Jodi. They accompanied their grandparents on  the lake trip, but Kaitlyn plans to return and make her home here with Dave and Jodi next year while she attends classes at the vo-tech.

Scott and Kristen Eidson who have served as youth directors at New Bethel for the past three years submitted their resignation recently. In a letter, Scott expressed his appreciation to the church for the opportunity of serving the young people.

Five young men from the Eidson’s group graduated from Byng School May 17.  They are River Chambers, Braden Cooper, Kainin Daugherty,  Austin Sollazzo and Bradley Stick.

Tommy Cooper underwent surgery at the Heart Hospital in Oklahoma City for installation of a pacemaker and defibrilator.  He has gained a great deal of energy and is able to resume all his normal activities.

My son and daughter-in-law, Tim and Loyce Milligan, Hot Springs, Ark., visted me recently and made some home repairs at the family home in Byng. I have a contract to sell my home, but some repair work is necessary so I certainly appreciate all the effort they have put in.