- Ada, Oklahoma

April 10, 2013

Letter To The Editor

The Ada News

Ada —  

Editor, The Ada News:

Lone' Beasley made the health care issue too simple in his editorial on Sunday (The Ada News: Two reasons health care costs so much). There is much more to the health care issue.

Please read the March 4 issues of Time Magazine. There is an article on Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us.

You will find more than 25 pages that explain the costs in the medical field and why our medical bills are too high. This is not a simple issue.

Another issue I would like our politicians to address is that of not finding it a problem to require people to have car insurance in case they get involved in an accident, but do find it a problem when the president wants people to have health insurance for the times they get sick.

Our politicians are not thinking about the true issues. They are thinking only of not accepting anything the president wants.

Arlie Daniel