- Ada, Oklahoma

April 26, 2013

Easter storm leaves spring unsprung

Dorothy Milligan Byng Correspondent
The Ada News

Byng — I can’t remember whether March came in like a lamb, but it certainly went out like a lion. We had a mild winter, but it has lasted longer than most of us would have liked. The Bradford pears have been in bloom for a couple of weeks, and most of them have leafed out. From my window of ‘D Hall at Baptist Village, I can see redbud trees and wild plum in bloom  down near the creek, but most of the landscape is still dull and dry, and it’s hard to realize Easter was only a few weeks ago.

All of us who have been praying for New Bethel’s former pastor, Dale Dunagan, received good news today. He had been struggling with brain cancer but had stopped taking chemo last month because/he felt ill all the time. He had a routine MRI  last week, and he received results today. It was gloriously good news, with everything looking good. The oncogist said she couldn’t be more pleased. He will take another MRI two months hence to be sure the glad tidings are still in effect, but meanwhile Dale can finally exhale and say, “Looks like the Lord still has work for me to do.”

On Thursday night, New Bethel Baptist Church brought to Baptist Village the fun of Easter baskets, prize eggs and even the suspense of waiting 24 hours to watch two trick “eggs” hatch into a duck and a flamingo.  All of us at Baptist Village  who love chocolate were able to indulge as if calories really don’t count.  Ruth Ann Taylor, who taught kindergarten for many years and who admits to still being a kid at heart, was the mastermind for most of the Easter treats, though the women’s Bible Study worked at decorating and filling prize eggs in their regular sesssion at Jodi Jackson’s house Monday night. Aundria Thys made one of the bunny cakes for the occasion.

We all enjoyed an evening of singing songs celebrating the Resurrection, and we especially appreciated being able to have our church pianist Debra Nolan with us. She has suffered a dislocated shoulder and has been unable to play piano  for several weeks.

Last week was Spring Break, and my friend, Darla Herndon of Ardmore and I  made a three-day trip to Hot Springs, Ark. We visited my son and daughter-in-law, Tim and Loyce Milliigan. It was good to visit them, but almost equally pleasant was the weather. It rained all night Sunday and until  noon on Monday.  They have had a great deal of rain this winter and spring, and it was delightful to see brooks and ponds brimfull with clear blue water.

I am the recipient of  the ingredients for a microwave cake that bakes in only 30 seconds.  The recipe appeared on Facebook and according to Jodi Jackson, is delicious. Ingredients are an angel food cake mix and another cake mix of any kind (except the kind that has puddng added).  Combine the two cake mixes and store in a lidded container. To make individual servings, put two tablespoonsful into a cup.  Stir in two tablespoonfuls of water and mix well. Place the cup in the microwave and cook for 30 seconds. I haven’t tried it yet, but Jodi says it’s great. She topped hers with caramel sauce, but any kind of frosting (or none) will do well.

The AARP Tax Aide group has done a terrific job.  I’m particularly appreciative, for they saved me at least $200 n fees. Several are from Byng: Andy and Jo Ann Hood, Vestel and Bette Cole and Ruth Ann Taylor come to mind.

Bette is co-chair for the project, and this year the group was well-staffed enough that she and Vestel could take off a week and go to Branson, Mo., for a family get-together. They report a most enjoyable time, despite having several inches of snow during their stay.