- Ada, Oklahoma

August 14, 2013

Letter to the Editor

Ada —

To the Editor:

President Wilson said, “The ears of a leader must ring with the voices of the people.” On Aug. 5, rural members of District 3, met with City Council members, the city attorney, the city clerk, the city manager, the planning and zoning coordinator, and the Mayor of Ada. We opposed the proposed city annexation that would bring the Engles development, and us, into the city limits.  

We were informed that a state law allows a city to annex rural property with a majority vote of it’s land owners.  The Engles only represent the majority vote on his land, not ours. 

When asked, “Who decided to annex us?” the answer came from Mayor McCortney. He stated that it was his suggestion basically BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE THE BOUNDARIES OF THE CITY OF ADA APPEAR SYMETRICAL ON OUR MAP! In other words, they could draw a “line in the sand” from the back of the Engles’ property east to Kerr Lab Road. 

Our city attorney further stated that the Engles owned a bit more land than all of us collectively, and would therefore represent “the majority vote” allowing the city to include us in the annexation.  Pat and Linda Engle do, in fact, represent the majority vote as landowners in the section of their land that they are asking the city to annex. However, according to the GIS Environmental Coordinator, the Engles’ property is in the first annexation request. In the second section of the proposed annexation, Bill and Brenda Johnson and the Blue Bird property represent the majority voice. Dr. Scout Lee and Barry and Bobbette Hoveker own the next significant properties. The Engles only represent the majority vote within their property lines. We represent the majority vote in the second piece threatened by annexation.   

Currently, the city is unable to properly maintain the sewer and roads of Ada and is over-developed with three years’ surplus of homes in the $200,000 range.

This attempt to annex us along with the Engles’ property constitutes a palpable, arbitrary, unnecessary and flagrant invasion of our property rights, rights guaranteed by the Constitutions of the State of Oklahoma and the United States. We as property owners and rural community members respectfully decline the invitation to be annexed into the city limits of Ada.

Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

CEO, Vision Us, Inc.