- Ada, Oklahoma

August 7, 2013

Letter to the Editor

Ada —

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Coach Donnie Husband of Latta!

August 1, Donnie was named Oklahoma Basketball Coach of the Year by the Oklahoma Coaches Association at the All-State Games in Tulsa. Truly a well-deserved honor for Donnie and his school, Latta. And, let’s not forget that back in June, he was selected Oklahoma Basketball Coach of the Year by the Oklahoma Basketball Coaches Association. Both are exceptional awards, but the latter award by the OBCA is huge, because that comes from his peers — the basketball coaches of Oklahoma.

Personally, I have grown to know and appreciate Donnie in recent years. His combination of “Old School” and “Tough Love” basketball has to a large extent, been out-moded. It is nice to see that this recipe can still blend success, and because of this Coach Husband has provided kids with the ingredients that are quintessential to success AFTER basketball. And, for me, many of the lessons I learned in life were not easy. In actuality, they were quite difficult, and often times, no fun.

On March 9, I watched with amazement as your Latta team dissected a good Haworth team in the finals by 15 points — and this was your closest game at state. You were the undisputed champs, and one that epitomized everything a team should be. One that plays like they knew what they were doing with emphasis on great shot selection and what I enjoyed most, incredible man defense! The script couldn’t have been written any better.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the Latta team is that there were simply “NO STARS.” The sum of the whole is greater than its parts. And, as the late, great John Wooden once said, “The principle ingredient to stardom is the rest of the team.”

Once again, Donnie, congratulations on an impeccable job with your team and your honors. You have made basketball better in this area.

Alan Simpson

Byng High School