- Ada, Oklahoma

July 3, 2013

Milligan homestead, greatly improved, is back on the market

Dorothy Milligan Byng Correspondent

Byng —

We had a contract to sell our house at Byng, but it didn’t work out. Now my house is back on the market again.  It has a new roof and is in the process of getting a new aerobic septic system. 

My son and daughter-in-law, Tim and Loyce Milligan, came up from Hot Springs, Ark., and spent a couple of days trimming shrubbery, mowing and weed-eating. The house looks so good now that I almost wish I could move back into it myself.  Unfortunately, I realize I’m not able to take on a large house and an acreage.  I’m just praying that the right person will come along who wants to live near Byng School and to be a part of an excellent community.


Several things have happened in Byng community since I wrote my last column. Some have been good; others have been sad or painful. We were all saddened by the death of our good friend, Aren Howell. She formerly taught the Yahweh Sisters’ Sunday School class at New Bethel Church. She was a creative person who designed beautiful greeting cards and who wrote whimsical and entertaining fiction. She died following colon surgery.


Dave and Jodi Jackson cranked up their motor home last month and went on a trip to Wherever. Destination was unknown, but they planned to be gone six or seven weeks. As  they moved out from their driveway, they spontaneously decided their first visit would be to the home of their son and daughter-in-law in Clovis, N.M.  They were able to spend Father's Day with David Jr.  From there, they visited in Kansas and moved on to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore in the Dakotas They joined a tour group on a bus trip through the Badlands, and it was then that Jodi began having excruciating back pain.  As soon as they returned to their motor home, they came back to Ada less than three weeks after their departure. X-rays gave them the good news that she did not have a fractured hip, as they had feared, and she was scheduled for an MRI on Monday, July 1. At present, she is taking prescribed muscle relaxants and sleeping most of the time. Dave is also having some back problems, and as soon as Jodi is better, he, too, will seek relief. 


Dortha Stiles, a former Byng resident who now calls Baptist Village her home, is back after recovering from surgery. Two months ago she suffered a fall resulting in a broken hip. She spent rehab time in Shawnee. Dortha is an excellent cook, and her neighbors say they look forward to the pleasant aromas of fine food again emanating from her kitchen.


Winifred Poague came to live at Baptist Village last week. The former Byng resident had spent several months with her daughter Sharon in North Carolina. She was one of my swimming buddies for several years, and she also attends New Bethel Church. Her sons Larry and Mark did an excellent job furnishing and decorating her apartment in Assisted Living before her arrival. Her little dog, Riley, who now lives with Larry in Colorado, also came for a visit. Riley remembered Winnie and was extremely glad to see her.


Bobbie Vick is at home now after undergoing back surgery. She is pleased with the progress she has made, but she is still having trouble swallowing, and she still suffers from acid reflux.


Ruth Ann Taylor will be Ada’s candidate for Ms. Senior Oklahoma at the State Pageant at 2 p.m. at Rose State College July 13. A retired kindergarten teacher, Ruth Ann always believed learning was accomplished more firmly if all possible senses were utilized by the learner, so she dramatized and used costumes to make history and literature more authentic to young children.

For her talent section  of the pageant, she will demonstrate the various characters she impersonates such as Martha Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Johnny Appleseed.  Ruth Ann was honored recently by State Retired Educators  as Volunteer of the Year for more than 500 hours she has spent making learning come alive for youngsters.



Freda Flatt is currently in rehab at Valley View Hospital as a result of a broken hip she suffered last week.  Freda’s husband, Bob Flatt, is a resident of the Veterans Center at Ardmore, and Freda had taken him out for a visit.  They were returning to the Center when Bob stumbled and fell, pulling Freda down with him.  Bob was unhurt, but Freda, falling on the marble floor, sustained a broken hip.  She had surgery in Ardmore but was transferred to Ada last Tuesday.