- Ada, Oklahoma

April 16, 2014

Letter to the Editor

Ada — Dear editor,


I’ve finally gotten to the point that I can no longer be silent.  Something must be said about the character of people in and around Ada, who find it perfectly acceptable to ignore a cart return within 30 feet to leave a cart in parking spot instead.  As a “born” Okie, I have always been grateful for the heritage handed down to me from so many Okies before me; who lived by a standard of hard work and love for your neighbor.  However, it now seems that the old standard is being replaced with doing as little as possible, and “…who cares about anyone else?”  Area parking lots are riddled with carts haphazardly left where a car used to be parked.  C’mon people…take a few extra steps and put the cart in the cart return!  Oh…and pick up your trash too!


Dennis L. Heath, Stonewall