- Ada, Oklahoma

November 18, 2013

Voting is the solution to an overreaching government

Donald T. Perry

Ada —

In 2012, the U.S. faced a major presidential election. Change was the platform. We are just now feeling the impact of those changes. Obamacare stares at us in the near future for many of our local residents. It is a fact forced upon those who cannot afford insurance in the first place. If they don’t get insured, will they be fined $2,000 by the IRS? They couldn’t afford the insurance, so how will they afford the fines? All of this does not affect even one senator or representative, by right of the fact that they have much better insurance than the Affordable Care Act requires. By this stipulation, they simply are not required to sign up for Obamacare. This law is now in a stage of 3-percent sign-up. That’s a 97-percent failure of the web site, forcing many to be outside the law by inability to get what the law requires. Their insurance is being canceled due to being deemed inadequate.

Tied to this mess is the shocker that follows. Jobs provided by small businesses are being cut to less than 40 hours a week in an effort to stem the increased cost of insurance. Employers are not required to provide insurance plans for part-time employees. Thus you are now required to get your own insurance — get this, on a part-time job. That’s OK, Obama promised to create more jobs. You now must have two part-time jobs just to make the same amount of income you were making before all this mess, and that is before you have to make the insurance payments. If you are a college student, trying to get your education, and work your way through college as, say, a waiter or waitress, you can probably kiss that goodbye. How can you get insurance now that the rates are going drastically through the roof and you are working part-time and trying to keep your grades up?

Obamacare is supposed to be self-funding in that some of the insured will not need doctor’s care. This is the young, the strong, the wealthy, the healthy and well-cared for, but those are the very ones who will be able to provide insurance outside of the Obamacare system. The people who will have to be within this system are the people on welfare, Medicaid, and subsidized by the government in every facet of their lives. It simply cannot support itself without funding from somewhere. From where will this support come? it will come right out of your pocket and mine. Every single penny given to anyone by the government came out of someone else’s pocket. Big government is spending your money.

In a small town such as Ada, government proceeds tolerably well. There is not much distance between governors and the governed. The latter knows where the former lives, and how they live, and how little difference there is between them. If the governors overreach, they are likely to find themselves beaten in the next election.

As the scale increases, government becomes a bigger deal. It can begin governing more grandly. The solution to this is to vote. Vote for smaller government is my recommendation, but vote!